Pennsylvania newspapers agree: Governor-elect Tom Wolf off to a strong start on ethics reform

November 19, 2021 by Wolf Transition

On day one in office, Governor-elect Tom Wolf will sign an executive order banning executive branch employees from accepting any gifts. Wolf is also requiring members of his transition team to sign a Code of Ethical Conduct that forbids them from accepting gifts.

Take a look at what editorial boards from around Pennsylvania say about Governor-elect Wolf's push for ethics reform to restore the public's trust in their government.

Times-Tribune: Thanks for 'no thanks'
"Gov.-elect Tom Wolf has channeled the administration of the late Gov. Robert P. Casey in one important respect: a policy forbidding anyone in the administration from accepting any gift, in any amount, from anyone who has any business with the state government... Lawmakers should follow Mr. Wolf’s lead and adopt a “no thanks” law that will make it easy for them, at long last, to do the right thing." [Times-Tribune, 11/19/2014]

Delco Daily Times: Cutting down on perks a good start by Wolf
"Wolf has enacted a ban on members of his transition team from accepting gifts of any kind from anybody. He has also asked potential cabinet members and other members of his administration to sign an ethical conduct code that includes the gift ban." [Delaware County Time, 11/18/2014]

Pocono Record: Say 'yes' to Tom Wolf's 'no' rule
"Pennsylvania’s Gov.-elect Tom Wolf is off to a good start when it comes to ethics and money in government. He’s restricting members of his transition team from accepting gifts of any kind. He plans to extend the ban to the entire executive branch when he takes office." [Pocono Record, 11/16/2014]

Pottstown Mercury: Gov.-elect Tom Wolf’s transition team gift ban is positive step
"Wolf is off to a good start, demanding that members of his administration say “no thank you” to any lobbyists or special interests bearing gifts. It would be good to see this policy spread to the other branches of government, or be part of a reform measure that includes other restrictions on lobbying and, perhaps, campaign contributions." [Pottstown Mercury, 11/14/2014]

New Castle News: Our Opinion: Governor-elect orders an end to gift taking
"It is our hope that with his gift ban, Wolf will set an example that the Legislature will be obliged to follow. Any future scandal involving lawmakers and gifts will look especially bad when the governor’s office has crafted an alternative standard that puts ethics first. We worry that a lot of Pennsylvanians have grown numb to the seemingly endless series of scandals oozing out of Harrisburg. But such conduct is not inevitable. State government can do better, and perhaps Wolf is leading the way." [New Castle News, 11/13/2014]

Doylestown Intelligencer: Wolf says no gifts for his employees
"[W]e are absolutely, 100 percent, in [Wolf's] corner on one action he is taking in preparation for his swearing-in in January. Wolf is requiring members of his transition team to sign an ethical conduct code, one provision of which is a ban on accepting gifts of any kind. He plans to extend that ban throughout the executive branch of state government once he takes over... Wolf 's gift ban for his transition team is an extension of the promise he made during the campaign for himself, his staff and his political appointees. Said the new governor: 'The rule will be easy to apply and easy to report - no free lunches, no free tickets to ball games and no free trips to conferences or vacation resorts.'" [Doylestown Intelligencer, 11/13/2014]

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